Jackelin Slack Hart


Photo by Alex Adams

Photo by Alex Adams

I am passionate about creating beautiful imagery that tells a story. Whether I'm capturing the real moments shared between people, or creating a sensory connection to food through visual elements, storytelling is at the heart of my work.

In 2001, my first daughter was born, and my natural instinct was to document her life in photographs. Word of mouth spread about my photography work, and I began getting requests to do the same for other families. In time, a family portrait business emerged.

Over the years, I've been so lucky to photograph hundreds of families, babies, toddlers, kids, teens – even their furry family members.

Eventually, as my business grew, I branched out into other types of photography. I've worked with authors, bloggers, small business owners and a variety of entrepreneurs with a range of photography needs. I love the challenge and variety of working with business clients, whether it's creating head shots, shooting products or anything in between.

In 2017, prompted by many daydreams involving food and photography, I launched a food blog called Salted City. Suddenly, my memory cards began filling up with images of food, as did my Instagram feed. I had found a new, delicious love.

How I approach my portrait work

To me, the most poignant and memorable family photos are the ones that capture the in-between moments – the sideways glances, the knowing look, the throw-the-head back belly-laugh, or the laid back banter. These are the unplanned photos...the ones I try to sneak in...the moments in between the poses.

I know as you look back at your family photos years down the road, you will agree that these genuine interactions captured in perpetuity are the ones that most honestly tell the story of YOUR family. So yes, we will do the poses, but I also invite you to let go and trust in the power of spontaneity. 

If my portrait style speaks to you, let's book a session! Drop me line!

How I approach food and commercial work

My goal as a food photographer is to help you create effective imagery that tells your story and ultimately helps you grow your audience and your bottom line. When we first connect, we’ll start by having a conversation so I can get to know your business, its unique personality and your particular photography needs. I’ve worked with restaurant owners, cookbook authors, chefs, food bloggers, health coaches, food truck owners and a variety of food-related companies. Let me help you with your food photography needs. Send me an email.

When I’m not taking photos

I live at the foot of the crazy-beautiful Wasatch Mountain range in Salt Lake City with the love of my life, our two kind and beautiful daughters, our feisty super dog Rosco, and two circus-clown cats named Niko and Ozzie.

In addition to photography, I love and am constantly trying to improve my skills in mountain biking, skiing, knitting, playing the ukulele and guitar. When I'm not huffing up (or down) a mountain or plucking strings and yarn, I'm probably cooking or walking in the nearby foothills with our 12-pound canine – the most adored, scruffy-faced dog in the history of canines.

Thank you for visiting me in my little corner of the internet.

Enjoy your visit and please contact me with any questions.